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A Boutique Practice With A Firm Grasp Of Multistate Estate Planning, Probate And Litigation

In today’s mobile world, it is increasingly common to have real estate holdings in multiple states. These assets pose complex legal challenges in terms of estate planning and probate.

At the Las Vegas law firm of Solomon Dwiggins Freer & Steadman, LTD., we have vast experience handling multistate estate planning, probate and litigation. Our practice is the largest boutique firm in Nevada dedicated to multistate issues, including:

Benefit From A Wealth Of Experience

These cases are often extremely complicated. They typically involve overlapping areas of law. A successful approach requires a solid understanding of Nevada statutes and case law — not only in estate and probate, but also in contracts, torts, civil litigation and taxation.

Our attorneys have the accomplished backgrounds necessary for successfully resolving these issues. Many are active in the Probate and Trust Law Section of the Nevada Bar, and several are involved with the Nevada legislative probate and trust subcommittee. As a result, we remain up to date on the latest changes in this often shifting area of law. Few other firms have such a high level of proficiency in this niche area.

Our firm also has two attorneys dedicated to tax issues, and we maintain connections with trusted estate and probate law firms in other states.

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For questions regarding any aspect of multistate properties, please contact our lawyers online or by phone at (702) 853-5483.

We recognize that every situation is unique. Before accepting a case, we invest the time upfront to ensure that we can provide the right legal services. By carefully reviewing your case, we can better serve your interests over the long run.