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Top Probate Attorney Services in Las Vegas for Smooth Estate Administration

las vegas probate attorneysNavigating the probate process can swiftly become intricate without the guidance of a skilled attorney. Our clients greatly value an attorney who possesses the ability to anticipate and effortlessly overcome any challenges that may arise. Rest assured, our Las Vegas Probate Attorneys have a proven track record and can be trusted to assist you in efficiently completing the probate process.

Solomon Dwiggins Freer & Steadman, LTD. is committed to providing legal representation for clients in Las Vegas and across Nevada in estate and trust-related cases. A significant number of our clients are referred to us by fellow attorneys, private wealth services, and professional fiduciaries. Our team of probate lawyers has a proven track record of effectively representing various parties such as beneficiaries, heirs, creditors, charities, and foundations in a diverse array of legal matters.


Our company offers legal advice to personal representatives throughout the entire probate administration process. We collaborate closely with the personal representative to:

  • Conduct a comprehensive inventory of all estate assets.
  • Determine the rightful heirs and beneficiaries.
  • Aid in the preparation of tax documents.
  • File tax returns and resolve any tax-related conflicts.
  • Prepare detailed accountings.
  • Facilitate the distribution of assets to beneficiaries.
  • Resolve any claims made by creditors.

Our team of attorneys collaborates with estate accountants to prepare income tax returns and strive to prevent tax controversies and disputes, such as litigation in tax court. Our firm includes tax and estate planning lawyers in Las Vegas who possess vast expertise in managing various probate issues and provide personalized legal services to our clients.


Probate essentially serves as a legal and financial compass, directing the deceased person’s estate through the appropriate channels of distribution and debt settlement. While the presence of a will can illuminate this path, the absence of one does not forgo the journey through probate, as the estate must still undergo the process to find its way to the beneficiaries. In the bustling heart of Las Vegas, if the estate in question surpasses the $20,000 threshold or includes real estate, probate becomes the gatekeeper to the resolution of affairs.

This procedure, akin to a sojourn through the legal landscape, involves court petitions, creditor negotiations, and the meticulous inventorying of assets. When no will is left behind, the process is known as Administration, which adheres to Nevada’s intestacy laws to bring order to the deceased’s estate. Furthermore, probate is often a lengthy process, potentially stretching from six months to two years, it requires patience and meticulousness at each step. Hence, a thorough understanding of the probate process can provide clarity to those questioning the need for a probate attorney.


The probate process in Las Vegas is the legal alchemy that transforms a person’s final wishes into reality, ensuring that wills are validated, creditors satisfied, and assets justly distributed. Yet, it is not a one-size-fits-all affair. The necessity of probate is determined by the extent of the deceased’s assets, with the magical figure in Las Vegas being $20,000, or the inclusion of real estate, which beckons the probate court’s involvement. For those estates that whisper just below this figure, an Affidavit of Entitlement can release assets without the fanfare of a full probate proceeding, if action is taken 40 days after death.

Just like other legal processes, the probate court operates according to state laws, which means that the steps and procedures can vary greatly, creating a unique scenario for each case. It is this intricate dance that calls for the steady hand of a probate attorney, who can lead you gracefully through the complexities of petitions, notifications, and asset inventories that compose the probate process in Las Vegas. With such a guide, the daunting becomes doable, and the complicated becomes clear.


Probate attorneys in Las Vegas offer a range of services, just like a well-crafted toolkit, each designed to refine the estate planning and probate processes to perfection. Some of the services they offer include:

  • Drafting wills and trusts that stand the test of time
  • Offering astute guidance on powers of attorney
  • Ensuring that your health care directives are in place
  • Making sure your lasting powers of attorney echo your voice when you no longer can

Solomon Dwiggins Freer & Steadman, LTD. offers a suite of estate planning services, ensuring that your estate is well taken care of.

But their expertise does not end there. When the curtain falls and the probate proceedings take the stage, probate attorneys handle:

  • the collection, inventory, and appraisal of assets with the precision of a maestro
  • estate disputes
  • filing and paying estate taxes
  • managing the delicate balance of debts and assets to ensure that the remaining assets of the estate reach their rightful heirs

With such comprehensive services, a probate attorney in Las Vegas, NV becomes an essential ally in safeguarding one’s legacy.


In Nevada, also known as the Silver State, not all estates are alike, therefore, a variety of probate proceedings are offered, each tailored to the size and complexity of the estate. Small estates may find refuge in a simplified probate process, a gentle stream compared to the often turbulent legal waters of larger estates. In Nevada, the scale tips at a net value of $25,000 – or up to $100,000 for surviving spouses – allowing for a Small Estate Affidavit to ease the burden of probate.

For those estates that weigh in at a net value exceeding $300,000, probate administration is the prescribed route, demanding more from both the personal representatives and the probate court. Estates not quite reaching this threshold, but still substantial at less than or equal to $300,000, navigate through summary administration, a middle ground in the probate landscape.

And for those modest estates, valued at no more than $100,000, set aside estate proceedings offer a straightforward path to resolution for remaining estate assets. Each proceeding serves a purpose, ensuring that regardless of an estate’s value, there is a process that fits just right.


Following a loss, the personal representative takes on the role of managing the deceased’s estate, a role that comes with much honor and responsibility. Whether named in a will or appointed by the court, the personal representative, or executor, is tasked with the solemn duty of wrapping up the final affairs of the deceased. Often a close relative or friend, they bear the weight of their fiduciary duty, acting with integrity and in the best interest of the beneficiaries, much like a captain steering a ship through calm and stormy seas alike. Their voyage includes a myriad of tasks:

  • arranging the final farewell
  • reaching out to those entitled to a piece of the legacy
  • assessing the true worth of the estate
  • securing the estate’s property
  • settling debts
  • navigating the treacherous waters of tax liabilities, ensuring that every legal and financial obligation is met.

In the end, they distribute the estate’s property according to the will or, in its absence, the laws of the land, and they do so with the assurance of fair compensation for their essential services. It’s a role not for the faint of heart, but one that is pivotal in the grand scheme of estate administration.


Before 2011, probate was always under court supervision and compulsory. However, now there is the choice to opt out and proceed with non-supervised probate in specific cases. This can be particularly beneficial for smaller estates or those without any disputes. Bypassing court involvement can lower administrative costs and speed up the probate procedure. Our firm’s attorneys are available to provide guidance on whether this option aligns with the estate’s best interests.


Estate planning can be likened to a strategic chess game, where every move is calculated to ensure your estate—symbolized by the king—remains protected even after you’re no longer around. By deploying strategies like revocable living trusts, you can maneuver your assets to bypass the probate process entirely, swiftly transferring them to your beneficiaries without the public scrutiny or delays often associated with probate. Moreover, having a clear and properly drafted will is like having a clear game plan; it can eliminate certain probate steps and provide a direct path to fulfilling your final wishes.

The presence of comprehensive estate planning documents can be the difference between a smooth transition and a drawn-out battle for your heirs. Such planning can ensure that your legacy is preserved and passed on as you intended, sparing your loved ones the complexities and potential conflicts that can arise in the absence of clear instructions. By taking the reins of your estate planning now, you can steer your legacy towards a future where your wishes are honored with precision and care.


Even the most well-crafted plans can face hurdles along the way. Some common challenges in the probate process include:

  • The process can be expensive and time-consuming
  • The public nature of the proceedings can strip away the privacy of the estate
  • Unforeseen legal tangles, such as the enforceability of a will, can ensnare the estate
  • Family dynamics, particularly in cases of remarriages, can add layers of complexity to the distribution of assets
  • It’s important to be aware of these potential challenges and plan accordingly to minimize their impact on the probate process.

In these moments, the expertise of an experienced probate attorney becomes invaluable. A probate lawyer, like these legal navigators, can:

  • Chart a course through the most tumultuous of probate issues
  • Offer solutions and strategies to mitigate costs, expedite the process, and maintain the confidentiality of estate matters
  • Resolve disputes and uphold the integrity of the will
  • Ensure that the final chapter of a loved one’s story is written with respect and in accordance with their wishes.


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What is probate and why is it necessary?

Probate is necessary to administer a deceased person’s estate, validate their will, settle debts, and distribute assets to beneficiaries, ensuring that their affairs are settled in a legally recognized manner. It is especially important if the deceased’s assets exceed $20,000 or involve real estate in Las Vegas.

How long does the probate process take in Las Vegas?

The probate process in Las Vegas can take anywhere from six months to two years to complete, depending on the complexity of the estate, the clarity of the deceased’s will, and the occurrence of any disputes or issues.

Can probate be avoided with proper estate planning?

Yes, probate can be avoided with proper estate planning by employing strategies such as revocable living trusts, clear beneficiary designations, and a well-drafted will. These measures help transfer assets directly to beneficiaries, bypassing the need for probate.

What role do personal representatives play in estate administration?

Personal representatives, also known as executors, are responsible for managing various aspects of estate administration, such as funeral arrangements, debt management, tax assessment, and property distribution according to the will or state law. They play a crucial role in ensuring the estate is handled properly.