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How to talk to your loved ones about your estate plans

Estate planning is not an easy topic to address, whether you are thinking about creating a will, funding a trust or making plans in case you are incapacitated. You are not alone if you feel overwhelmed at the prospect. Many Nevadans unnecessarily put off their estate planning, and some find it awkward to bring it up to their relatives.

However, it is important to at least have a will outlining your basic wishes, so you do not leave your relatives wondering what to do with the assets you leave behind – and so your estate does not get tied up in probate. Furthermore, talking about your wishes while you are still alive and well may go a long way toward keeping the peace among your family members when you are no longer able to dictate “who gets what” and “what goes where.”

What is an estate administrator supposed to do?

If you are an estate beneficiary, you may have some concerns about the roles of the executor. Your deceased family member may have chosen the best person they could think of to serve as his or her estate administrator. But that does not mean you should assume all is well. You should pay attention to how this individual acts. There is a possibility that he or she may not be the right person to settle your loved one’s affairs. 

There are some things that an executor must do before they can start distributing assets and inheritances to estate beneficiaries in Las Vegas. Take some time to learn how an estate executor must act to settle your loved one’s final affairs to protect your inheritance and rights. 

Can you legally amend your Nevada will?

You create a will so your loved ones have an idea of what you want to leave to whom. However, situations sometimes arise in life that may change your mind about certain decisions you made about how you want your assets allocated, and such changes may warrant a change to your will.

For example, maybe you have had another child since you initially created your will, or perhaps you and your spouse have recently split. Regardless of your reasoning, there may come a time when you need to change the stipulations detailed in your will, but can you do so legally?

Top 3 reasons to challenge an estate

There are many families who struggle after the loss of a loved one. Dealing with grief is not an easy thing to do, and everyone will respond to the loss differently. At some point, the family needs to begin the process of moving on, and often that comes when they begin to carry out their loved one’s final wishes.

Unfortunately, in some situations, the estate documents left behind only create additional problems for families. They are unable to get the closure that they seek because of challenges to the estate, which result in disputes between beneficiaries in the will or trust. In this post, we discuss some of the most common reasons why estates end up in litigation.

3 things to know about estate litigation

The loss of a loved one is a difficult time for everyone involved. When the initial grief has passed, you may be surprised when disputes arise when it comes time to distribute the estate. Whether you are the one who is contesting the way the property is distributed, or you need to protect the estate from challenges, this can be an emotional time. In this post, we discuss three important things that you need to know about estate litigation.

The litigation will be extremely emotional

Eighth Judicial District Court Civil Practice "Cheat Sheet"

Deadlines can be the bane of any litigation attorney's existence. That's why our attorney, Craig D. Friedel, created the Eighth Judicial District Court Civil Practice "Cheat Sheet"" to help fellow Nevada litigators navigate these timelines.

Are you facing estate litigation? What to know about finding skilled representation

Many individuals are extremely careful and cautious when devising their estate plans. They review all of the options available that allow them to pass along their property to their families and loved ones.

While these plans often make it easier to carry out someone's final wishes, they are not always as comprehensive as intended. There may be parties who disagree with the way the estate is to be distributed, and they may raise challenges that threaten potential litigation. 

Why Successful Couples Need a Prenup

Prenuptial agreements are important for every successful couple to consider as they plan their lives together. They allow couples to control their financial futures in the event of divorce, an accident or death. Unfortunately, myths and misconceptions about prenuptial agreements can prevent couples from taking the proper steps to protect each other and their hard-earned assets in a worst-case scenario.

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