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Common issues that often lead to disputes over estate plans

by | Dec 9, 2022 | Estate Planning

The purpose of creating an estate plan is to have the final say over what happens to estate assets and property after passing away. It allows one to care for loved ones, make important medical decisions and have peace of mind for the future. However, having a plan in place does not guarantee that there will not be issues when it is time to settle the Nevada estate. Disputes between heirs and beneficiaries are common, and these matters are not always easy to resolve.

There are multiple reasons why family members may fight over the terms of a will. Some of these are due to lingering resentment from years before, but sometimes, estate disputes center around legitimate legal concerns. If you are navigating the complex process of challenging a will, you may benefit from learning more about how you can shield your interests and fight for the best possible outcome to your concerns.

Signs that point to trouble ahead

It is possible that you realized there would likely be issues with your loved one’s estate, even before he or she passed away. Ongoing family concerns could impact the process of settling an estate, especially when strong emotions and money are involved. Some of the most common reasons why estate disputes arise:

  • There is significant economic disparity between beneficiaries, and some may believe they have a claim to a bigger portion of the estate.
  • Sibling rivalry is an ongoing issue, and the siblings may not agree on how to settle the estate of a loved one.
  • One of the beneficiaries has a dependency on drugs or alcohol, and he or she is struggling with mental illness.
  • There is estrangement in the family, or one family member has been disinherited at some point.
  • There are signs that undue influence affected changes to the will or the terms included in the will.
  • The deceased married later in life, and there are other people who now believe they have an interest in the estate.

Regardless of the reason, disputes over an estate are complex, stressful and costly. If you find yourself faced with complications during the process of settling an estate, you will benefit from seeking experienced guidance. Whether it is through strong negotiations or in litigation, you may fight for the outcome that you believe is right and most reflective of the wishes of your loved one.