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When Estate Planning, Trusts And Businesses Intersect

Many family businesses are owned by trusts. While this arrangement has key advantages, it can become complex when disputes arise — for example, when beneficiaries are not happy with their distributions, when a trustee is trying to manage the business or when managers fail to uphold their responsibilities. These issues can quickly escalate into costly litigation.

Trust And Business Litigation Experience

The best way to address business-related trust matters is with the help of experienced legal counsel. At Solomon Dwiggins Freer & Steadman, LTD., we have the well-rounded background necessary for handling complex trust cases efficiently and effectively. Our attorneys are well-versed in Nevada trust law, including breach of fiduciary duty and other types of trust contests.

We understand the importance of due diligence. By taking a thorough approach to analyzing the trust terms and the law applicable to your unique situation, we can ensure that important issues don’t get overlooked.

Here are a few additional reasons why you can rely on our lawyers:

  • Our partners have more than 65 years of combined experience litigating trust and business disputes. Few other law firms can claim such a strong background in both areas.
  • We are experienced enough to ask the right questions.
  • We are highly organized and efficient when it comes to tackling complex issues.
  • We understand the rules of trust and estate litigation, which are much different than other areas of civil litigation.
  • We will maintain an open line of communication with you through all stages of your case.

No-Contest Clauses

Many trusts have no-contest clauses that could cut you out as a beneficiary should you challenge the trust. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean you have no remedies. Professional legal advice is all the more critical in these situations. Our attorneys can help you pursue a successful resolution without jeopardizing your rights.

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