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las vegas guardianship lawyersWhen a person is no longer able to manage their financial and personal affairs, establishing a guardianship may be necessary for their protection. At Solomon Dwiggins Freer & Steadman, LTD. in Las Vegas, our skilled Guardianship Lawyers are here to assist you through this process, whether it’s needed due to age, incapacity, or other circumstances.

Establishing a Las Vegas Guardianship

Guardianships can be set up for adults, minors, or estates. The type of guardianship required will depend on the needs of the ward and the assets involved. Nevada courts conduct flexible proceedings for guardianships, collaborating with your attorney and family to ensure harmony and address any conflicts that might emerge.

Our team at Solomon Dwiggins Freer & Steadman, LTD. has extensive experience in establishing, managing, and concluding guardianships.

Substituted Judgment

In Nevada, even those deemed incompetent can make amendments to their guardianship for tax planning purposes, through a process known as substituted judgment. This flexibility makes Nevada’s system particularly accessible, and our firm is a recognized leader in this specialty, often receiving referrals from attorneys across states.

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Located in Las Vegas, our firm is a trusted resource for legal representation in trust and estate litigation, administration, estate planning, asset protection, and business litigation. As a boutique law firm, we focus on managing intricate legal challenges related to trust and estate issues. Our attorneys are courtroom veterans equipped with the knowledge and expertise required to represent your interests effectively.

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