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Disputes between siblings over their parents’ estate

by | Dec 27, 2022 | Probate

In most cases, people will leave their property and assets to their family members after they pass away. For adults who have kids, this may mean leaving their estate to their kids, which can be a more complicated endeavor than many assume. Siblings may dispute over their parents’ estate, and these problems can eventually lead to a complex legal battle that impacts every member of the family. It is helpful for Nevada family members to understand inheritance rights and how to protect their interests.

What determines inheritance rights?

There are many reasons why disputes arise between siblings over what happens to their parent’s estate. They may be surprised by the terms of a will, or they may disagree on what is meant by the instructions left to the executor. In many cases, the children of a decedent do have inheritance rights, but the following factors can determine the extent of their claim to an estate:

  • The existence of a will
  • A surviving spouse
  • State inheritance laws

Disputes between siblings are complex and emotionally challenging, and they can permanently alter the dynamics of a family forever. It is beneficial to seek a resolution to these issues as quickly as possible.

Preserving family interests

An estate dispute over parents’ assets is not something to navigate alone. A Nevada sibling will benefit from working with an experienced attorney to understand his or her inheritance rights and how to fight for the best possible outcome. This guidance is helpful during probate or when addressing any estate law issue.