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Wills & Trusts

When to challenge a will for undue influence

Challenging the wishes of a will is possible if you suspect that undue influence was involved in writing it. Undue influence is when one person persuades another against their better judgment. These cases may arise by violent or psychological means that are subtle in...

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Do you really need an estate attorney?

When Nevada residents are putting together an estate plan, they want to make sure that they're doing everything that they can to protect their beneficiaries. An estate plan helps ensure that when you are no longer here, your beneficiaries will be able to inherit your...

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How a will can be contested

It is important for everyone to leave a directive regarding certain assets and aspects of their life when they pass on because dying intestate in Nevada can often leave the family in limbo. When this is done late in life, members of the family can actually contest the...

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