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Effective estate planning for people with mental health issues

by | Aug 31, 2022 | Estate Planning

Planning for the future can be a complex process for any Nevada adult, but there are some who have specific needs that need to be carefully addressed. Individuals who have specific mental health concerns, such as personality disorders, will benefit from the protections provided by careful legal and financial planning. These situations are particularly complex, and family members may struggle with helping a loved one with mental health issues create a strategy that provides him or her with financial and legal security.

Mental health and one’s future interests

Mental health issues and personality disorders can make it difficult to plan for the future effectively. In some cases, an individual with a personality disorder can hide the fact that he or she has certain struggles. Despite the challenges, the individual may not be willing to listen to advice regarding estate plans or financial futures.

While it may not be possible to change a person’s behavior, it is possible to encourage someone to take the appropriate steps to plan for his or her future. It may help to remember that the goal of estate planning for someone with a personality disorder is protection, not just saving taxes and managing assets. With the right approach, the estate planning process can foster a sense of self-awareness and self-control.

Not having a plan is not an option

Family members of individuals with personality disorders will benefit from speaking with an experienced attorney regarding their specific needs. It may be possible for the family members of someone with a mental health issue to help him or her make important and necessary plans for the future. This is an important step for all Nevada adults, regardless of health status and other factors.