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Administering an estate in Nevada if you live out of state

by | Jul 27, 2022 | Probate

Administering a loved one’s estate after they pass away is a big responsibility that comes with several duties and tasks – all of which can be time-consuming and stressful. And it can become even more complicated if your loved one lived in Nevada, but you do not.

What to expect if you live out of state

Throughout the probate administration process, your duties can include:

  • Collecting property
  • Paying taxes
  • Notifying heirs and creditors
  • Distributing gifts to beneficiaries
  • Filing legal motions and paperwork
  • Continuing operation of the decedent’s business
  • Closing the estate

These are major responsibilities for anyone, and the stakes of making a mistake or poor decision are high.

If you live outside of Nevada, fulfilling these duties can be even more challenging. You can be unfamiliar with the Nevada probate process, and traveling here frequently can be necessary. Under these circumstances, you may be worried about making mistakes, creating delays or the toll it will take on you. 

Thankfully, resources and tools are in place to help out-of-state loved ones and administrators when it comes to navigating probate in Nevada.

Overcoming administration obstacles

Avoiding the challenges of administrating an estate from another state can be as simple as talking to the testator before they pass away.

For instance, if you lived in Nevada but moved away, or if they recently moved to Nevada, you can talk to them about changing their wills and appointments to reflect the changes in residency. They might also consider appointing multiple co-representatives.

If that does not happen, you can still get help administering an estate from elsewhere. You can work with an attorney here who can help you navigate the legal process, perform specific tasks on your behalf and make efficient use of your travel time.

Another option is to decline the role. If you do this, the duties can pass to an alternate, or the courts can appoint a different representative.

Assessing your options before acting

If you live outside of Nevada but are in a position to administer an estate here, it can be wise to assess your options and what is required of you before making any decisions or motions. Consider whether you should accept and how you can make this process more manageable if you do.