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Unexpected delays during the probate process

by | Jun 20, 2022 | Probate

Settling the estate of a loved one can be a complex and difficult process, and unexpected setbacks can present challenges for Nevada heirs and beneficiaries. In many cases, completing the probate process is a requirement to officially settle and close an estate. Probate typically takes a few months to complete, but there are certain issues that may delay the completion of it, resulting in a process that could take years to conclude.

Unexpected issues with probate

Probate is the process of legally verifying a will, settling remaining debts and distributing estate assets according to the wishes of the decedent. There are certain steps one must take to complete probate, and the executor of the estate oversees the process. Some issues that may cause delays during probate include:

  • The estate has multiple beneficiaries and heirs.
  • There is difficulty locating beneficiaries and heirs due to their location.
  • The estate still owes outstanding taxes and debts.
  • Some of the assets in the estate are unusual or complicated.
  • The wrong person was named as executor of the estate.
  • There are disputes between the beneficiaries.
  • There are multiple wills.

Any of these could take time, lead to additional costs and result in additional stress for those left behind.

Navigating the challenges of probate

It is helpful to work with an experienced Nevada probate attorney when settling the estate of a loved one. This guidance may allow one to avoid setbacks and issues that could lead to unexpected delays. An assessment of the estate documents and other factors may provide insight regarding what to expect from probate.