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Making plans for the guardianship of your child

by | Apr 2, 2022 | Estate Planning

No parent wants to consider what will happen to his or her child in the future in the event the parent is incapacitated or dies unexpectedly. While thinking about this possibility isn’t pleasant, it is necessary to have plans in place in case there is an emergency. Each Nevada parent will benefit from taking specific estate planning measures that will protect their kids, including having instructions regarding the guardianship of any minor children. 

What will happen to the kids? 

Parents have the right to have a say about where their children will live and who will care for them if they are not able to do so themselves. Through certain estate planning steps, parents can establish legal guardianship, which is the legal authority for one person to make important decisions on behalf of a ward. A ward is someone who is underage or who lacks the capability to care for him or herself. 

Careful consideration should be given to the person selected to act as the guardian. A parent may name someone to act as guardian of his or her minor children in a will. However, if a parent dies without specifying who should act as guardian, the court may have to make that decision. 

Protecting the interests of the kids 

When considering matters related to guardianship, parents will want to consider what will be in the best interests of their children above all else. When creating an estate plan, it may be helpful to work with an experienced attorney knowledgeable in estate law and related matters. Guardianship and other important decisions can be complicated, but having guidance ensures Nevada parents make practical and beneficial choices.