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Special needs trustees must perform several duties

A special needs trust sets aside funds to benefit a person with a disability. These trusts are common tools for parents of children with special needs, as they improve the beneficiary's quality of life without interfering with his or her eligibility for needs-based...

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Warning signs your parent’s will may be invalid

The reading of the will tends to be a dramatic event in movies and books, typically ending in an unpleasant surprise for the family. Despite the common dramatization, these scenarios do happen in real life, leading loved ones to contest the will. However, the signs...

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Understanding the duties of a trustee

People work hard to obtain their assets. It is only right that those individuals be able to delegate their assets as they desire. A proper estate plan can aid in accomplishing this, and a trust is a beneficial tool within the plan. A trustee is the party in charge of...

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How to include a pet in an estate plan

People love their animals, which is why so many stories pop up of rich people who have passed away leaving behind millions of dollars to their dog or cat. Most people just want to make sure someone will look after their pet if they pass away. Typically, ownership of a...

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